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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Pier Capital, LLC (“Pier”) believes that including ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) sustainability factors in the investment process can improve the overall quality and financial return potential of client portfolios.  

Specializing in Small Cap Growth investing, we select stocks through bottom-up, fundamental research and believe that complementing these traditional financial metrics with ESG measures can add value to the investment process.  We invest in companies we believe have products and/or services with attractive value propositions that are operating successfully in industries with superior end-market growth, or are beneficiaries of broader sector themes we have identified.  ESG criteria are considered in the final stages of the research and stock selection process.

While seeking to limit exposure to companies with very poor ESG records relative to  industry peers, we look to increase exposure to companies leveraging innovative solutions to problems faced by their industry while championing sustainability.

Pier will use its voice on behalf of clients, as shareowners, to champion environmental, social, and governance issues through a variety of channels, including direct dialogue with the management of such firms, though proxy voting or by participating in multi-stakeholders initiatives.

For a complete copy Pier Capital's Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance framework, please click here.